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Friday, September 28, 2007

Experience Necessary

I often hear believers decry the postmodern focus on experience concerning matters of faith. They usually decry the subjective nature of personal experience, and encourage people to look to the scriptures alone for divine revelation.

But life in Christ depends on "experience." Sin is realized when God's Spirit convicts. We realize scripture to be true, authoritative, and inspired by God when He illuminates it to us. Faith comes by hearing the word of truth. Salvation is being born again. All of these are experiences.

The Bible is a collection of human experience with God. Personal encounters, like visions, dreams and miracles. Calling. Rebuke. Incarnation. Revelation.

Our experience doesn't make truth true, it makes truth true to us.


Deanna said...

When didn't Jesus give His disciples an experience? Walking on water, multiplying fish and bread, healing, changing the weather, etc etc.

2 said...

Well put my friend.